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On 5/14/22 07:18, Richard Laager via MIMEDefang wrote:
> On 5/13/22 08:32, Kevin A. McGrail via MIMEDefang wrote:
>> MailMunge is amazing and people should definitely look at it but it is a different approach and rewrite of the code.  And while I think every programmer dreams of a ground up rewrite of legacy code, we agreed to be the stewards of the MIMEDefang project, for better or worse.
> As a user, I would really not like to see MIMEDefang forked, as that's going to divide attention on what is already a very niche project.
> If there is going to be a 3.x (i.e. breaking changes), I agree in principle with Dianne that the changes should be a significant reworking of the API to do things like eliminate global variables, etc. I haven't actually run Mailmunge, but in looking at it, its API seems to be a significant structural improvement. I do have some concerns, which I'll list at the end of this message.
> For the sake of argument, let's say that Mailmunge's API is perfect. Even in that best case, I now have to make a choice to either stay with the current project, which seems to have multiple developers now (yay!) but hasn't improved the API (boo!) but yet is still throwing in smaller breaking changes (boo!), or move to Mailmunge, which has one author (boo!), albeit the original MIMEDefang author with lots of experience (yay!), and has improved the API (yay!). This trade-off is not great. And if I'm going to have to deal with all that, then to be honest, I might be better off just trying to stop using this entirely and switching entirely to something that feels like it has more long-term stability (rspamd as a straw example; I haven't seriously investigated that enough either).
> As a specific concern in my situation: mimedefang is currently packaged in Debian, and mailmunge is not. While I certainly could package mailmunge (I'm a Debian Developer.), that's a new burden I'd be taking on.
> On the other hand, if this MIMEDefang 3 is something where I just need to add a few use statements or prefix certain function calls with a namespace, I guess that's not really a big deal. But then what is it really accomplishing?
Some methods (entity_contains_virus_* for example), should not be used directly by mimedefang-filters imho, entity_contains_virus should be used instead.
As already mentioned, I have no problems in keeping all those functions public like in older MIMEDefang version to maintain compatibility, I can take a different approach to deprecate some subs.
Redesigning MIMEDefang API will probably break all/most/many filters and this is not what I have in mind for the future.


> From my perspective, I think the ideal way forward here is:
> A) If the Mailmunge API is correct/reasonable for a redesigned API, then merge the projects back together. Which name is used moving forward is negotiable. MIMEDefang has the history and the inertia (not having to rename distro packages is easier). But if you're breaking backwards compatibility anyway, it's not a bad time for a name change.
> B) If the Mailmunge API is not correct, can we articulate why? Will Dianne agree with the proposed changes? If so, then with those changes, we're back to scenario "A" again.
> Specific Mailmunge API concerns:
>   * Most annoyingly, there are still the two return styles for message dispositions depending on whether we are in filter_message() or something earlier. filter_message()'s return value is ignored and action_{bounce,discard,tempfail}() are used. I can understand how it may be desirable to keep action_{bounce,discard,tempfail}() for backwards compatibility with existing code, but they should likely be deprecated. In any event, filter_message()'s return value should be a Response which is then converted (by way of action_from_response(), which should itself be deprecated for use by callers).
>   * Most significantly, it seems to have retained the add_*() and delete_*() APIs for things like headers and recipients. I think it should instead have a mutable representation that Does The Right Thing.
>       o Looking at recipients, for example, I want to be able to modify $ctx->recipients. If I add or delete one, it should do the work of add_recipient() or delete_recipient() under the hood. Ideally it only compares them at the end of processing the message, such that `delete_recipient('bob'); add_recipient('bob');` does nothing at the milter level if bob was an existing recipient.
>       o See also change_sender(). The documentation goes out of its way to tell you that you can change $ctx->sender but that it won't affect anything.
>   * Unless it's impossible (or unreasonable) to do optional arguments in Perl, I don't see why there are both action_add_header() and action_insert_header(). Just have the insert, with $pos defaulting to -1 or something to get the add behavior. Likewise for action_{accept,drop}_with_warning(); just have an optional $warning parameter on action_{accept,drop}().
>   * I'm confused by the idea (as Dianne posted on the mailmunge list) that a module named "Compat" is expected to be a thing that people use indefinitely and in new installations as opposed to as a bridge while porting their MIMEDefang 2.x filter.
>   * In the Mailmunge example video, $ctx->recipients[0] is '<bob at example.org>'. IMHO, mailmunge should be stripping off the angle brackets before the filter see it. They are just an annoyance. Perhaps it should be lowercasing too, i.e. using canonical_email().
>   * This is minor, since it's boilerplate, but I'm not sure what the run() method is about. What is "server mode" (as opposed to multiplexor mode)?
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