[Mimedefang] md misses some emails

Tony tonj at freeuk.com
Sun Mar 21 19:22:03 EDT 2010

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> Tony <tonj at freeuk.com> wrote:

> What do you mean by "tagged as [SPAM]", and what causes that to
> happen?

spamassassin does the tagging
> I'll take a guess that you mean it has "[SPAM]" in the subject line.
> Your MD filter doesn't do that.

yes I know, spamassassin does the tagging

> Is there another filter running on
> your system?  Or was it put there by another system before it was sent
> to your system (I have seen this)?

spamassassin does the tagging, MD does the rejecting (action_bounce) 
based on spamassassin score.

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