[Mimedefang] Strange issue with mimedefang/spamassassin reports.

Ron Wilhoite ronw at bals.org
Wed Jun 3 10:19:08 EDT 2009

On 06/03/2009 09:23 AM Champ Clark III [Softwink] wrote:
> 	I've been running SA/MD for quite a while and love it.  Over
> the last 6 months or so,  I've run into a strange problem.  I believe
> it's primarily happening on one of our mail servers. 
> 	I've set MD to send all spam to a spam address.  Like thus:
> # Send to spam address
> add_recipient('spam at localhost');
> }
> 	This seems to work just fine.  However,  from time to time,
> SA/MD will send a "report" of spam to the user and not send it to the
> 'spam at localhost' e-mail address.    Again,  the majority of the spam
> ends up in the 'spam at localhost',   but every now and then I'll get a
> e-mail,  with full report that e-mail is spam (scores, etc) in my 
> inbox. 

Maybe obvious, but are you deleting all the recipients before adding 
your spam address?

foreach $recip (@Recipients) {
add_recipient('spam at localhost');

Ron Wilhoite

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