[Mimedefang] allowing spoofing for 'legitamet' emails

Stephen Ford stephenmford at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 13 14:14:11 EST 2006

Ok, I blacklisted all email from our domain because,
well, if you aren't on campus you are sending the
email from somewhere else and should have a different
domain name.  This ended all of the 'you account has
been disabled by the help desk' type emails we were
getting.  Now people are complaining they can not send
those web articles (Put in your friends email address.
 Put in your email address).  We also have a list
server from off campus sending messages to campus but
with our domain name as the return address :-/

Has anyone written a rule to let this sort of stuff
through?  When not black listed, the spam score is
less then 2 so I'm thinking perhaps, if the sending is
from this domain AND the score is over 5, delete the
mail all together.

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