[Mimedefang] How can I get just the domain from $sender

Aleksandar Milivojevic amilivojevic at pbl.ca
Wed Feb 23 10:44:21 EST 2005

Seigafuse, Mike wrote:
> We use confidentiality statements as well, but we split in and outbound
> on different servers so we don't have this particular issue.  The issue
> we haven't solved yet is how to avoid adding it every time replies go
> back and forth.  If someone figures that out please share :).

I have a friend who is unfortunate to work in a company that insist on 
this kind of stupidity for all employees (big insurance company).  It 
seems that their mail server is configured not to add disclaimers if 
both of these are true:

"Subject" header starts with "re:" (case insensitive)
"In-Reply-To" header is present

I'm not sure if they also keep some kind of database of message id's to 
check and see if this is reply to a message that already got disclaimer 
or not (don't remember really if hers first reply to my initial email 
gets the disclaimer or not).  Implementing a database like that should 
be simple, if you want to be that fancy.

Something like this should work for you too, if you have enforced 
company policy on allowed mail readers (and your company's mail reader 
of choice inserts "in-reply-to" header).  If you have a user prepared to 
manually circumvent this in order not to have disclaimer added, you have 
a bigger problems to worry about anyhow.

Glad to help reduce number of useless disclaimers ;-)

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