[Mimedefang] application/evil MIME type (rfc3514)

Alastair Carey alastair at hsnz.co.nz
Thu Apr 17 12:44:01 EDT 2003

Given that it's an April Fools joke, I doubt anyone's going to find it
"interesting" or "potentially useful". Vaguely entertaining for about three
minutes, perhaps.


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I came across this, which people may find interesting and
potentially useful:


This rfc describes the use of an "evil" flag in the IPv4 network
packet headers.  But it also briefly mentions a new mime type:

   An application/evil MIME type is defined for Web- or email-carried
   mischief.  Other MIME types can be embedded inside of evil sections;
   this permit easy encoding of word processing documents with macro
   viruses, etc.

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