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Ron Johnson johnson at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca
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> Hi,
> A spammer has recently sent out lots of really nasty XXX messages with
> the From: address set to some_random_user at roaringpenguin.com.  I know
> this because I'm seeing the bounces.

Now it's you eh? Happened to me a while back.
> The original messages appear to have been relayed from all over the place --
> Philipines, the US, China, etc.  Obviously, someone got a list of open
> relays or open proxies. :-(

Somebody on one of the spam lists ran an experiment. Bottom line is
that open relays will be found *FAST*.

> Anyone have practical tips on tracking the culprit down?  

Nothing beyond the obvious. Look at the hop *before* the open relay.

> Does anyone have any idea what my legal options are?

No case law in Canada to my knowledge. (Checks: Wrong. There's
an Ontario decision that holds that spam is a violation of
netiquette, destructive to the internet and an unacceptable practice.
It's about an ISP disconnecting a spammer, but the language used
in the decision may be important. Uses US case law as precedent.
11267623 Ontario vs Nexx Online Inc.)

If you're really serious, you need to find a lawyer who actually 
understands the issues.

But bear one thing in mind. If you sue, don't do it for the money.
I recall a discussion about this on another list and the bottom 
line is that Spammers don't have a lot of money, even if you could
manage to pin them down.

But you might be able to get a handle on your options by looking
at some of the resources listed here:


(Got to love tinyurl -- that url has 122 characters)

In particular you'll want to check out 


I'm in Ottawa. If I can help, drop me a line or give me a call.
> Regards,
> David.

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