[Mimedefang] [OT] Nasty situation

Dave Williss dwilliss at microimages.com
Thu Apr 10 10:17:01 EDT 2003

We've had this problem occasionally too.  Another big problem this tends
to cause is that some anti-spammers then get your domain added to one or
more of the black holes and then nobody will accept email from you.
be so bad if they just blacklisted the actual relay, but we've been
blacklisted for
being listed as a forged From address.  It sort of puts the anti-spammers
the anti-spammers and ends up working in favor of the spammers.

 -- Dave Williss
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> Hi,
> A spammer has recently sent out lots of really nasty XXX messages with
> the From: address set to some_random_user at roaringpenguin.com.  I know
> this because I'm seeing the bounces.

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