[Mimedefang] Spamassassin usage

Dmitry Sorokin dmitry_sorokin at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 17 17:36:20 EDT 2002

> Hello,
> I've installed spamassassin and I have all user
> preferences in database. The question is: does
> mimedefang-multiplexor and mimedefand work properly
> with spamassassin in terms of user preferences? So
> I will run spamassassin as part of mimedefang spam
> filter, will mail be filtered through spamassassin
> using user preferences stored in database?
> Thats the only thing I worry about, because I used
> spamass-milt and it seems this milter doesn't work
> properly with spamassassin in terms of user
> preferences.
> Thanx a lot,
> Dmitry

> On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Mark Roedel wrote:
> > That becomes a more complicated question when
you're operating at the
> > milter level, because a milter (like spamass-milt
or mimedefang) is run
> > once per message, and there's no way to be sure
that a particular
> > message isn't being sent to multiple users with
conflicting preferences.
> There is a stream_by_recipient in the latest
MIMEDefang, so you can
> make it work.  But I don't recommend it in most
cases; it can add to
> your server's load.
> It splits up multi-recipient messages into multiple
> messages.  You can then use the SpamAssassin
per-user hooks.
> Regards,
> David.

So, is there a way of using mimedefang-multiplexor
just as a milter with spamassassin ONLY and this
feature stream_by_recipient of mimedefang? I really
don't need to filter attachments anf MIME parts
because I already have antivirus milter, which filters
all the viruses. I just need milter for my sendmail to
filter SPAM with spamassassin, and also I'd like to
allow my users to have their own preferencer. That's
the problem when using spamass-milter.

Best regards,

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