[Mimedefang] Re: Spam Assassin Reject

Kelson Vibber kelson at speed.net
Wed Jul 3 12:00:32 EDT 2002

>Mimedefang is working and calling spamassassin fine. The email goes through
>with an attachment of the spamassassin report. How or where can I make it
>just reject those messages?

In mimedefang-filter, just after SpamAssassin is called, you can do 
something like this:

$drop_threshold = 15;
if ( $hits > $drop_threshold ) {
   action_bounce('Message seems to be spam, rejected');

This will reject the message immediately, saving a copy in the quarantine 
in case the recipient needs it.

I have a more complicated process which places a spam report in the 
quarantine folder, has a separate threshold for messages with RAZOR_CHECK 
in the report (so you can drop any potential spam above 15, but drop 
anything found in Razor above, say, 7) and drops anything listed in 3 or 
more RBLs (on the theory that while it's quite common for a site to get 
placed in 1 RBL for being an open relay, or being on the same subnet as a 
spammer, or whatever, it's very unlikely for it to be on several major RBLs 
simultaneously unless they really are just a spam source).  We're an ISP, 
so we have to be really careful about balancing the impact of extra spam 
against the risk of dropping legit mail - I actually don't drop anything 
based on score alone, although I did during the testing period and I'll be 
doing so again once I've had time to work out per-recipient prefs.

If anyone's interested in seeing the more elaborate recipe I use, let me 
know and I'll post it.

Kelson Vibber
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