[Mimedefang] Spam Assassin Reject

Ken March ken at implant.net
Tue Jul 2 21:19:56 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Chad Stalvey wrote:

> Mimedefang is working and calling spamassassin fine. The email goes through
> with an attachment of the spamassassin report. How or where can I make it
> just reject those messages?

I do this in my filter_end():

# if hits > req * 2, then its definite spam, and bounce it - dont deliver
if ($hits >= ($req * 2)) {
   syslog ('info', "Bouncing mail - SpamAssassin reports $hits hits");
   return action_bounce ("@Recipients... User Unknown");

The return code is, of course, not a real user unknown message.. but
there are some braindead mass emailers out there who will remove your
address from their list upon seeing the text, so I figure why not.

Incase you're wondering why, I do required * 2 because my actual number of
required hits is low (to catch some of the less-obnoxious spam).  If it's
my required hits * 2, then as far as I'm concerned, it's DEFINITELY spam,
so I toss it.

In your case if you wanted to toss anything that was considered spam, then
a quick little thing like this would do the trick:

if ($hits >= $req)
   return action_bounce ("Spam spam spam eggs and spam");

or you could use action_discard() to silently discard it, etc..  All
depends on what you want to do.

Just make sure you don't set your required hits too low, cause you'll
start tossing legit mail!

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