[Mimedefang] mimedefang 3.3, filter_sender and md_dkim_verify()

Dianne Skoll dianne at skoll.ca
Fri Apr 21 16:25:19 EDT 2023

On Fri, 21 Apr 2023 15:46:17 -0400
Ralph Hayon via MIMEDefang <mimedefang at lists.mimedefang.org> wrote:

> When I try calling md_dkim_verify() inside of filter_sender() in 
> mimedefang-filter , it fails.

> It also fails when I try callig md_dkim_verify() from 
> filter_recipient(), with the same results.

You can't do DKIM tests until you have a message body.  So the earliest
you can do that is filter_begin()



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