[Mimedefang] [External] Re: Is this list still alive?

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Thu Apr 1 14:34:58 EDT 2021

 > I'm not sure what data feeds you're referring to.  If you are 
referring to
 > the Roaring Penguin IP blocklists and/or the CanIt Bayes data feeds, 
 > are controlled by AppRiver and if AppRiver decides to shut them down...
 > there's not much anyone can do because they are fed by CanIt 

Thanks for the reminder on this.  The pandemic just keeps ruining plans 
but getting the mailing list onto a platform that doesn't need kicking 
is on our list.

And the RPBL is also something where I don't believe there is a risk of 
it being shutdown without it being transferred to the McGrail Foundation 
first.  We've talked about it and need to get some of the other 
waterfowl aligned.  We do have a repo and patches are going into it and 
a release is imminent too.



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