[Mimedefang] The future of MIMEDefang

John Nemeth jnemeth at cue.bc.ca
Sat Apr 13 00:41:26 EDT 2019

On Apr 12,  4:39pm, John Von Essen wrote:
} What will happen to www.mimedefang.org? Are you open to continue
} to operate it, or transfer it to a group of volunteers who will
} continue the project? This current mailing list can also be
} migrated over to that domain so it doesnât die with the new
} ownership.

     More importantly, is "MIMEDefang" trademarked?  If some other
person/group were to take over the open source version, would they have
to change the name?

} I'd hate to see MD become abandonware.  Been using it since 2003. 

     I concur, it is most likely the most flexible mail handling
MILTER there is.  It has been a very important part of mail handling
systems that I've built over the years.  It also means that I don't
have to roll my own MILTERS from scratch for most things, which I
have done.

}-- End of excerpt from John Von Essen

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