[Mimedefang] The future of MIMEDefang

Dianne Skoll dianne at skoll.ca
Fri Apr 12 13:07:33 EDT 2019


> What will happen to https://mimedefang.org/

Zix now owns that domain.  You'd have to ask them what they want to
do with it.

> Are you open to continue to operate it, or transfer it to a group of
> volunteers who will continue the project?  This current mailing list
> can also be migrated over to that domain so it doesn’t die with the
> new ownership.

I am willing to keep the site and mailing list going if nobody from
Zix wants to keep it going.  I did ask AppRiver what the plans were a
while back, but have not had a reply.

> I'd hate to see MD become abandonware… Been using it since 2003… 

I'd hate that also.



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