[Mimedefang] mimedefang blocked since this morning

Bill Cole mdlist-20140424 at billmail.scconsult.com
Mon Jun 4 11:05:12 EDT 2018

On 4 Jun 2018, at 5:52, Florin Grosu wrote:

> However, this case showed us that we don't know how to find the 
> blocking point, if it's a spamassassin problem, or clamav. If you know 
> how, can you please answer this point ?

I use a simple trick in mimedefang-filter: conditional logging. My 
implementation of each MD-called subroutine checks for the existence of 
a particular file in ~defang/ and if that file exists, uses md_syslog() 
to log a message about the call. This lets me switch debugging on and 
off by touching and removing files.

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