[Mimedefang] mimedefang blocked since this morning

Kevin A. McGrail KMcGrail at PCCC.com
Mon Jun 4 09:51:45 EDT 2018

Hi Florin,

So A) I have a system watcher on mimedefang and clamd. Yesterday it went
off 5 times. That is highly unusual.

B) I have a pdf that unfortunately does bad things and effectively stops
clamd. There is a security bug with the clamav team about this.

So you should design your system to expect messages can stop things
because they can.

I haven't researched issue a yet but I will predict it will be a message
that is blowing up the innards somewhere.

On June 4, 2018 5:52:32 AM EDT, Florin Grosu <florin at grosu.info> wrote:

    Recovered by itself, without any modifications. It looks like there was a network problem, something like interrogating the public lists (either spamassassin or clamav) and waiting forever for the response. I'm waiting for the confirmation from our network engineer, but I see no other explanation.

    However, this case showed us that we don't know how to find the blocking point, if it's a spamassassin problem, or clamav. If you know how, can you please answer this point ? 

    Thank you very much.

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