[Mimedefang] action_drop_with_warning and refuse to sender

Paul Murphy pjm at ousekjarr.org
Fri Aug 24 04:42:25 EDT 2018

>> a REJECT is not a bounce, its a denied to accept it

>A REJECT is potentially likely to cause a bounce, but yeah... it won't
be backscatter from your machine.

Plus a REJECT is only possible if you don't stream by recipient.  If you have streamed, it becomes a bounce.  Either way, nobody cares any more what you do with it - they're not scanning their logs to see which emails failed and why, because there's no return code for "Your user tried to send us a virus, please investigate".  Plus false positives still happen, which is part of the reason they can't be bothered to follow up even if you tell them that you've found what you think is a virus.


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