[Mimedefang] Fwd: syncing sent item from pop3 account to webmail sent folder

Juergen Kleff juergen.kleff at gmx.de
Mon Nov 30 08:02:14 EST 2015

Am Montag November 30 2015 06:00 schrieb Indunil Jayasooriya:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to sync sent item from pop3 account to webmail sent
> folder ?
> (pop3 account NOT IMAP account )
> Can mimedefang  do it? or is there any 3 rd party software that can
> sync pop3 sent  folder to Webmail Sent Folder?
> what about procmail ?
> Hope to hear from you.

So you don't want to use IMAP for a reason, but do use POP3 from several 
machines/POP3-clients (with "keep mail on server for x days")?

The old school way to keep some kind of sync of sent messages between 
several POP3-clients would be to just put your own mailadress in BCC... 


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