[Mimedefang] Fwd: syncing sent item from pop3 account to webmail sent folder

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Mon Nov 30 07:51:43 EST 2015

Hi Indunil

> Is there a way to sync sent item from pop3 account to webmail sent
> folder ?

A POP3 Server does not know about folders and does not know any status
of an email. So it does not know what a 'sent' item ist. There is just
an INBOX containing email messages, if you want to call it that way.

All other thinks, like flagging an email read or sent, or getting
the emails from a POP3 server and storing it localy in a folder on your
computer is handled by the email client localy on your computer.

Or course IMAP does know about folders and can flag emails as being
read or replied to etc.
With IMAP your email client manages the emails stored on the IMAP
Server. So all your various clients have the same 'view' of the emails
on the Server.

> Can mimedefang  do it? or is there any 3 rd party software that can
> sync pop3 sent  folder to Webmail Sent Folder?

If you want to copy the content of the POP3 INBOX on Server A to a IMAP
Folder on Server B, you could probably easily write such a script with

MIMEDefang ist a Milter (Mail Filter) intended to be used by an MTA
like sendmail or postfix. It does not know about POP3 or IMAP Protocols.
> what about procmail ?

sendmail, postfix and probably other MTA can hand over a received email
to procmail who then, for example, files it into a specific folder on
your local mailserver. But procmail also won't fetch mails from a POP3

'fetchmail' could download emails from a POP3 or IMAP Server. But
afak 'fetchmail' cannot upload emails to an IMAP folder.

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