[Mimedefang] Any Sophie users out there?

Anne Bennett anne at encs.concordia.ca
Fri Mar 21 17:13:08 EDT 2014

I haven't had a chance to play with any of this yet, but I want to
summarize and share the information I've been sent on both the

I had expressed concern about Sophos withdrawing support for
SAVI v4, while apparently no work had been done on Sophie in
a decade.  I received some encouraging pointers:

  - Sophos has a product called "SAV Dynamic Interface" (SAVDI)
    whose documentation claims it supports "the Sophie protocol"
    (among others).
    (Thanks to Scott Larnach and David Webb.)

  - Sophie 3.05 seems to actually work with SAVI v9.
    (Thanks to John Kalbach and Rick Kruze.)

  - A milter was created to replace Sophie when it was abandoned:
    (Thanks to Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz, who wrote it.)

Some sites report simply blocking mail which contains dangerous
attachment types, and bypassing most of the virus issue that way.

Thanks, all!

Ms. Anne Bennett, Senior Sysadmin, ENCS, Concordia University, Montreal H3G 1M8
anne at encs.concordia.ca                                    +1 514 848-2424 x2285

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