[Mimedefang] Any Sophie users out there?

Jason Englander jason at englanders.us
Thu Mar 20 14:49:32 EDT 2014

On Wed, 19 Mar 2014, Anne Bennett wrote:

> A belated thanks for the patch!  ;-)  What are you using now
> for anti-virus?

No problem :-)

Personally and professionally I've used ClamAV (via clamd) for a long 
time.  I actually used to be a "team member" pre-Cisco, pre-SourceFire.

I've used Avira AntiVir, but this happened:

I've used F-PROT for Linux Workstations:
(but do not right now)

I have not done much recent Linux anti-virus related work for client 
servers, but many of the ones that I used to use or at least test years 
ago have gone the way of the Dodo: Sophie, Trophie (+ TrendMicro), 
File::Scan, OpenAntiVirus, ...

Not sure if McAfee/NAI/Intel uvscan is still around or not, but from what 
I remember that was very resource intensive to run the binary over and 
over every time, using a tmpfs or other RAM-based filesystem or not.

I'm not involved with any environment right now where I have to worry 
about a large number of users and their mail, beyond making sure it gets 
delivered.  I have a client ISP that actually does no anti-virus scanning 
incoming or outgoing, only recommends anti-virus software for them to 
install on their PC.  They do have a conservative MIMEDefang filter and 
SpamAssassin though.


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