[Mimedefang] Process SPF checking for certain recipient domains

Jon Rowlan jon.rowlan at sads.com
Thu Jul 24 13:07:22 EDT 2014

Hi Ged, I am not sure that I was that imprecise.

> If you say so.  But if you actually explain the problem rather than
your own suggested solution (which > just creates more problems), then
there's a good chance we might be able to help you better.

The problem is that some domains that I host on my mail server I want a
harsher protection than others. In this particular case, a certain set
of recipients have received bombardments of email from a set of IP's and
they complain about two or three hundred emails in a day coming into
their mail box. They would suffer the consequences of an SPF protected
mail server (innocent senders are blocked because they don't use SPF and
mail bounces) because they would see less spam, whereas other clients
want to see all email and will not tolerate too many bounces from their

I want to selectively use SPF for some domains and not others for the
purposes of the functionality that SPF offers. I want to tune this
depending on the client domain.

> Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this please?

> Stop digging.

Digging for what? Answers, I thought that was the point of asking?


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