[Mimedefang] md_syslog not working Mimedefang 2.71

Jon Rowlan jon.rowlan at sads.com
Mon Apr 28 15:27:31 EDT 2014

> Well, if you'll be scanning any significant amount of email, you'll
definitely want to get clamd up & running.  
> Although MIMEdefang is able to find and use the stand-alone
command-line scanner (clamscan), that 
> would be much less desirable than having clamd up, allowing MD to talk
directly to 
> the clamd socket.  This would save a lot of overhead for each scan.

Clamdscan works fine at the command line, its just that I am struggling
to get the clam scan of any kind working via the socket.

> Nels wrote in another reply that your version of MD does not have the
-G option, so the advice I gave 
> Friday might not work.  You might have to make clamd run as the defang
user.  To do this, 
> you'd have to edit your clamd.conf and your freshclam.conf, as well as
checking the 
> permissions of your clamav database directory.

What does the -G do, I wonder whether I should upgrade to get the latest
and greatest. But initially I want to get a distro version working ...

Thanks Matt,


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