[Mimedefang] md_syslog not working Mimedefang 2.71

Matt Garretson mattg at assembly.state.ny.us
Mon Apr 28 12:16:09 EDT 2014

On 4/26/2014 5:50 AM, Jon Rowlan wrote:
> I did that and cannot get the daemonised clam working as there still
> seems to be a permissions issue but I see that the command line clamav
> is running fine and picking up EiCar. That's good, I presume that is
> sufficient?

Well, if you'll be scanning any significant amount of email, you'll
definitely want to get clamd up & running.  Although MIMEdefang is able
to find and use the stand-alone command-line scanner (clamscan), that
would be much less desirable than having clamd up, allowing MD to talk
directly to the clamd socket.  This would save a lot of overhead for
each scan.

Nels wrote in another reply that your version of MD does not have the -G
option, so the advice I gave Friday might not work.  You might have to
make clamd run as the defang user.  To do this, you'd have to edit your
clamd.conf and your freshclam.conf, as well as checking the permissions
of your clamav database directory.

But, before doing that, it might be a good idea to first get clamd
running so that clamdscan works. After that, then you can work on
getting the permissions right for MIMEDefang to use clamd.

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