[Mimedefang] Reject pre greeting traffic with mimedefang?

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Mon Jan 14 10:47:36 EST 2013

Hi Franz,

> I'd be happy to hear about more details... :-)

Just to clarify .. the greet pause option when controlled from 
mimedefang will let you control ONLY the greet pause option at the time 
that sendmail usually uses it.  It's not possible to delay at any other 
point in the SMTP flow using this method.

But you can do funky fuzzy like settings not supported by default.

My try at a small howto.  This is also an abbreviated example and might 
not even work, usual disclaimer in place as it might skin your cat :)

Start mimedefang with the "-N inet:11111 at" option (among them 

I specifically connect to the ipv4 version of localhost as I can 
remember that there was some issue with that some time back not sure if 
it was sendmail or resolver related.

in Sendmail.mc (postfix ur on ur own :)
FEATURE(`access_db',`socket -T<TMPF> inet:11111 at localhost')dnl

In mimedefang-filter

create a function like the one below

sub filter_map {
  my ($mapname, $tmp) = @_;

  if ($mapname eq 'access') {
	my ($action, $client) = split(':', $tmp);
	if ($action eq 'greetpause') {
		if (clientIsNice($client)) {
			return ("OK", 0);
		if (clientIsEvil($client)) {
			return ("OK", 15);
		return ("NOTFOUND", "");
  return ("NOTFOUND", "");

The "OK" signifies that this milter knows the answer and the answer is 
returned in seconds to delay.  The NOTFOUND MUST (2nd argument is 
ignored) be returned or sendmail ends up waiting for timeouts etc .. at 
least it did last time I checked.  Sending not found will also allow the 
setting in sendmail.mc (FEATURE(`greet_pause', `1000')dnl 1 seconds) to 
have some effect :)

Note socket map is pretty picky about what can be sent, so your mileage 
may vary.

Hope it helps

Michiel Brandenburg

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