[Mimedefang] Reject pre greeting traffic with mimedefang?

Franz Schwartau franz at electromail.org
Mon Jan 14 10:01:06 EST 2013

Hi Michiel,

I'd be happy to hear about more details... :-)

Of course it depends, but being slow shouldn't be a problem for me.

I'd appreciate if you could provide an example.

	Best regards

On 11.01.2013 21:18, Michiel Brandenburg wrote:
> Hi,
>> sendmail has a nice feature called greet_pause which rejects SMTP
>> connections if SMTP commands were sent before the SMTP greeting. Thus
>> SMTP slamming isn't possible any longer:
>> http://www.deer-run.com/~hal/sysadmin/greet_pause.html
>> Is there anything similiar possible with mimedefang only?
> Well no, as mimedefang is not talking to the client.  If you are using
> socketmaps with mimedefang you can tell sendmail to greet pause the
> connected client.
> On the other hand I seem to be the only one using this approach, and
> although it looks nice and all, it's damn slow (as David pointed out in
> an earlier mail)
> If an "example" is wanted I think I can make one for you, keep in mind
> socketmap is slow.

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