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George Roberts groberts at purity.net
Mon May 21 18:27:35 EDT 2012

I'm sort of sorry I started this whole thing, LOL. Just so I have some clarity on the issue, could someone please explain to me what exactly it is that Exchange does with Received: headers that is so bad?  I see Received: lines from various mail systems and they all seem to me to be a little bit different. Also, if possible, please state which RFC dictates the format Exchange is accused of breaking.

Just trying to understand what the issue is.




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> 2)  You still haven't said why I should accept any message which violates the standards.  Malformed messages should be rejected for precisely that reason -- ALWAYS.

1) Why do you bother with email at all if you don't care about the content?

2) The standards you mention are internet standards (even though you seem willing to violate them yourself when it suits your purposes). .
Much mail actually originates in proprietary systems that do not have exact mappings to/from the internet standard requirements.  If you want to communicate with people on these systems, you have to deal with whatever the gateway systems do with the messages.

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