[Mimedefang] Mail Admin Question

Tilman Schmidt t.schmidt at phoenixsoftware.de
Fri Aug 17 09:57:49 EDT 2012

Am 17.08.2012 11:29, schrieb Nathan Findley:
> Is it generally accepted as being ok to directly contact the other
> servers email administrator in order to try to resolve an undelivered
> email?

Of course.

> I am finding myself being berated by the other systems admin for
> my "unconventional" methods in trying to resolve the matter because I
> sent him an email asking him to look into the "connection reset by mail"
> message. I am a total newbie in this arena.

That's far from unconventional.
He should be grateful you notified him of a potential problem.


Tilman Schmidt
Phoenix Software GmbH
Bonn, Germany

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