[Mimedefang] Postfix and Mimedefang

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Mon Apr 9 12:14:23 EDT 2012

Roman Pretory wrote:
> It seems to be not "called" for action by postfix, not with uxix or
> inet, because if mimedefang is stop i get no error.
> Filter are default, but this should be not the trouble.
> There must be something to put in the master.cf but i could find
> anything, anywhere. there is not realy to find docu for this,
> only confusing parts of ...
> I'm really frustrated in the meentime, because without mimedefang the
> complete work with postfix/dovecot config is wast time.

Dumb questions:

Did you restart Postfix after adding the milter config?

Do you see any error messages in the log about bad config options or 
some issue connecting to the milter when you restart Postfix?

Try adding the milter config to the master.cf entries instead of in 
main.cf;  I can't see any reason it should matter, but here we only 
wanted it active on certain smtpd listeners.


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