[Mimedefang] mimedefang-multiplexor crash

draeger draeger at ipd.net
Mon Sep 5 06:49:40 EDT 2011


thanks for your reply.
I compiled Mimedefang from source.
My Sendmail version is 8.14.5. (I compiled it from source, with libmilter)
Restarting Mimedefang does not work. Every time a SMTP connection is 
established the multiplexor crashes; though the parent proccess is still 

When I try to install the Mimedefang RPM I get back this:
Warning: mimedefang-2.71-1.el6.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 
Signature, key ID 0608b895: NOKEY
error: Failed dependencies:
         libmilter.so.1.0()(64bit) is needed by mimedefang-2.71-1.el6.x86_64
         perl(Mail::SpamAssassin) >= 1.6 is needed by 


Am 04.09.2011 11:16, schrieb Ghislain:
> Le 01/09/2011 18:58, David F. Skoll a écrit :
>> On Thu, 01 Sep 2011 18:16:03 +0200
>> Ghislain<gadnet at aqueos.com>  wrote:
>>>    kernel: mimedefang[10760]: segfault at 130 ip 00007faef285c900 sp
>>> 0000000042c200f0 error 4 in libmilter.so.1.0.1[7faef2851000+f000]
>> That looks like a mimedefang crash, not a multiplexor crash.
>> How did you install?  From source?  Is your milter library
>> the same version MIMEDefang was compiled against?
> this is the debian version i used the packages.
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