[Mimedefang] greylist implemenation

Karl Boyken boyken at divms.uiowa.edu
Mon Mar 29 12:31:43 EDT 2010

Sorry I missed this in the digest, but, that's a link to something I 
wrote.  We've been doing greylisting out of MIMEDefang for about ten 
months.  It seems to be working well.  The initial coding and testing 
took some time, but since we put it into production, I haven't had to 
devote much time to it.  If there's some interest in the code, I'll see 
about making it available.

Karl Boyken

> If you use sendmail or postgres you can do that with
> a milter, very simple install.
> I am not sure whether that is actually the best option
> as all the info you need is given to the receiving server
> at connection time (mailserver, domain, sender, recipient)
> and doing this in mimedefang adds overhead that is not
> necessary.
> But:
>   http://www.divms.uiowa.edu/~boyken/mdgreylist.html
> jobst

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