[Mimedefang] Enumerate Email Address parts

Brian Shallenberger brians at cleareagle.com
Wed Feb 3 12:50:45 EST 2010

Looks like any one of the proposed solutions would suit my needs.  In this
particular scenario, the filtering sendmail server is internal to our
organization.  It is the server our email clients see as the SMTP server.
I'm relaying the outbound email to our domain's 'real' SMTP server.  From
this I can assure all the clients that touch this machine have a known
$Sender format.  

When having a choice between a 'sendmail' or 'mimedefang' based solution,
which one would provide the least performance hit on the server and email

I'm inclined to apply a broad based solution that can be repeated in other
scenarios...not just one of my solutions with an internal mail relay server.

I appreciate all the responses.  They have been very helpful.  I intend to
apply the changes after business hours tonight.  I'll report back status.


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