[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang - "Bounce" when really a SMTP rejection.

- kd6lvw at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 20 19:09:30 EDT 2010

--- On Fri, 8/20/10, David F. Skoll <dfs at roaringpenguin.com> wrote:
> [Bounce vs. reject]
> IMO, "reject" is the more accurate term.  However, here's reality:
> Paying projects take precedence over non-paying ones and important
> bugs take priority over minor bugs, so extremely minor nitpicks like
> this are really low on my priority list.

All I ask is that the next time you have to mess with the software, please consider changing it.  A global replace works for most areas.  The exceptions:

CHANGELOG (obviously).

mimedefang.pl.in - Globally, except for the addition of it as an alias to "action_reject()".

mimedefang-filter.5.in - Globally, except for the addition of a note of it as an alias (for backward compatibility).

mimedefang-protocol.7.in:198 - Delete the word Bounce, and capitalize reject (and bring it outside the parentheses).

Everywhere else, it's simply a global change ("bounce => "reject" , and capitalized equivalents):

It should take about 10 minutes for these changes at most.

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