[Mimedefang] CLAMAV: pid files, sockets, and init scripts

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Mon Aug 2 19:18:21 EDT 2010

Recently, I upgraded to the latest clamav-unofficial-sigs
script/config. file, and while doing that noticed
a few issues that relate to the init scripts distributed
via .rpm and some unexpected clamav behavior:

A couple of questions:

1) How does MimeDefang deal with clamav starting/stopping?
I ask, because the current init scripts implement
"reload" as a stop/start operation.

2) How does MimeDefang deal with the situation that
clamd socket file is deleted by either clamd when
it shuts down, or the init script when it executes
a "stop" operation?

3) Per the bug report above, the clamav developer states:

    "clamdscan --reload will reload the DB, and so
    will SIGUSR2.  There is no command to reload the
    config file, which is probably what the initscript
    wants to do with reload."

Is there a Linux/Unix guideline that states something
along the lines that a init.d controlled service 
must interpret "reload" narrowly to only reload the
config. file, or is it acceptable to also clear
caches, reload databases, etc.?

- Gary

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