[Mimedefang] append_text_boilerplate problems

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Thu Sep 24 11:43:32 EDT 2009


David F. Skoll wrote:
>> The emails in question have the body being sent as html without an
>> inline text/plain part.  The only text/plain parts are attached .txt
>> files which aren't inline.
> MIMEDefang's append_text_boilerplate function doesn't look at the
> content-disposition.  You'll need to write your own version if you only
> want it to append boilerplate to inline parts... sorry!
No problem, we just wanted to be sure we weren't missing something 
obvious like a different version of the function already in place.

>> I've done some digging through the MIME RFCs and can't find anything
>> that states that an inline text/plain must always be included but maybe
>> someone knows otherwise?
> It is certainly not necessary to have a text/plain part in an e-mail.
>> We can work on putting a patch together if this is affecting anyone else?
> What did you have in mind?  A third argument to append_*_boilerplate
> saying only to look at inline parts?

yup, that was exactly what were were planning.  The simple passing of a 
third argument which acts as a flag to determine if you care whether the 
  Content Disposition is inline or not i.e. 0 if you want to only apply 
to  inline and anything else if you don't care.

Once we've got this working we can share it with the list if you're 


> Regards,
> David.
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