[Mimedefang] scanning outgoing mail

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May I trouble you for some hints on a direction to take.  Perhaps a link to
a walk-through?  I have searched the web and found nothing.  I have both
spamassassin books and not a word.  I couldn't find a mimedefang book.

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> Hello,
> Mimedefang and Spamassassin are doing a fine job of scanning incoming mail
> on incoming MX servers.
> I have the MX servers feeding a POP3 server.  How would I scan outgoing
> mail to stop infected senders?  Do I use mimedefang for that or just
> spamassassin?

We use Mimedefang for both.  The key advantage is being able to apply
rules conditionally.  For example the Spamhaus PBL should be used only
on incoming.  And you might have identifiable internally-generated mail
that should always be accepted (announcements from the boss, etc).

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University Information Technology

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