[Mimedefang] smfi_register version mismatch

Pierre Forget pierre at pierreforget.com
Mon Jul 20 19:01:56 EDT 2009

Hi Guys,

In whatever I found on the subject on the Internet, you were right.  
But to add to the subject, here is a few comments:

to be able to avoid the "infamous" "smfi_register version mismatch" at  
Mimedefang startup, and the following log in the logs:

mimedefang: MIMEDefang-2.67: smfi_register: version mismatch  
application: 16777216 != milter: 16777217

which means, in this case, that libmilter.a is not the same that  
compiled with sendmail.

Solution to this is simply to compile manually libmilter.a by issuing  
the './Build' command in /usr/src/sendmail-8.14.2/libmilter,
which then puts a version of libmilter.a in the source directory at:


seems like sendmail doesn't compile what it don't need...


Pierre Forget

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