[Mimedefang] after body rejects and deliver :-)

Mike Weaver weaver at ascr.doe.gov
Tue Jan 27 11:33:14 EST 2009

Sounds interesting.  Any chance of seeing the relevant filter, script and
web code?


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> Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
> > Has anybody used mimedefang in additional "reject after 
> body but mark
> > and deliver too"?
> Not exactly, though that should be pretty easy to do using the 
> "resend_message" function or by calling sendmail yourself.
> What we do is quarantine messages above our spam threshold but 
> below threshold*2 before rejecting them.
> Each day a script mails a list of quarantined messages to me. The 
> list includes links to a web page (a CGI script) that shows a 
> message (parsed or raw) and allows me to learn it as ham, report 
> it to spamcop, send it on to the intended recipient(s), or send 
> it to some other address.
> Something similar could be done to send reports to each recipient 
> and to use per-recipient authentication for the CGI script.
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