[Mimedefang] About certain variables lifecycle

Javier Kohan jktemp01 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 19:41:53 EST 2009

I have read in mimedefang-filter that certain variables (like $RelayAddr
et al) exist only in filter_sender and filter_recipient, but I observed
many times that in fact they are set in filter_begin. Is this a new
feature not reflected in the man page or else it is not guaranteed to
happen always ?

Similary, why the man page says that read_commands_file should only be
called from filter_recipient and filter_sender ? (so as to have
%SendmailMacros available in filter_begin for example)

This questions are motivated in my lazyness, I admit.:)
I don´t want to save their values in a file from filter_recipient and
recover them in filter_begin if mimedefang already does it


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