[Mimedefang] upgraded to current fedora 10 clamav packages

Yizhar Hurwitz yizhar at mail.com
Sun Jan 18 16:26:03 EST 2009

> From: Tom H 
> Subject: [Mimedefang] upgraded to current fedora 10 clamav packages,
> 	not sure about <SERVICE> tokens
> I've recently got a fedora 10 with sendmail, mimedefang and clamav -
> however I am confused by the references to <SERVICE> in the docs for the
> clamav-server setup. I get an error like so;
> [root at vs802 init.d]# service clamd-service start
> Starting clamd.clamd_service: /bin/bash: clamd.clamd_service: command
> not found
> Is there a howto for mimedefang/clamav that refers to the current 
> version of clamav that I should be using?

The Fedora clamav packages are really quite confusing.
You can use the config files which I used in past versions (Fedora 6 - 
8) but will probably be similar in F10.
Here are some config files and script for install (you might need to 
tweak it up a bit):
<cid:part1.08040102.01060004 at mail.com>http://yizhar.mvps.org/temp/clamav-fedora-package.zip

However, I recommend that you uninstall the clamav packages,
and install it from source.

For 2 reasons:

1. Main reason = Fedora do not update packages for new clamav versions,
so you will stay behind with an old version in a short time.

2. In addition, it is simpler and easier to get the source packages 
install working and cooperating with MD.

To do that, you can use the following config and script files (again, 
with few tweaks if needed):

Yizhar Hurwitz

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