[Mimedefang] Write quarantine MSGs to DB?

Stefan König nme at nme.kicks-ass.net
Wed Dec 16 04:54:51 EST 2009

David F. Skoll schrieb:
> Stefan König wrote:
>> has someone ever tried to write the MD quarantine messages to a mysql DB?
> Sure.  CanIt works that way[1] (though we use PostgreSQL, not MySQL.)
> I suspect there are others who are using database-backed storage too,
> including at least two who are using MIMEDefang as part of a commercial
> service.
So.... this is top secret, I suppose? :o)

> [1] For small installations.  For larger installations, we have a more
> sophisticated scheme using a dedicated storage manager written in C,
> with redundant storage across multiple nodes.  Relational databases tend
> not to be optimized for storing large chunks of unstructured text.

and this too?

just asking :)


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