[Mimedefang] Message header madness - was Re: SPF Usefulness(was Re: SNARE spam detection)

WBrown at e1b.org WBrown at e1b.org
Mon Aug 3 08:16:09 EDT 2009

- <kd6lvw at yahoo.com> wrote on 07/31/2009 06:39:21 PM:

> Whether the URL appears in a signature (i.e. after a line that has
> DASH-DASH-SPACE) or not should be a scoring factor.  Legitimate
> personal mail often have signatures.  Spam often doesn't.

People don't have a clue about the tear line before the signature.  I've
seen just about any thing used as a separator, from a row of all the same
characters to repeating patterns of 2 to 5 characters.

Try finding all of those to test if the URL is part of a signature.

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