[Mimedefang] mimedefang behavior pre-HELO and on incomplete connections

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Sun Oct 26 19:50:33 EDT 2008

Michiel Brandenburg wrote:
> define(`confTO_HELO', `<time u want them to hang around>')dnl
Oops .. I was too late .. the confTo_HELO is a response to the helo 
command .. I think u need to look at the (for sendmail)
define(`confTO_CONNECT', `3m')dnl
param, although watch out .. u might be braking the rfc for it .. seems 
to be at 5 min or so, but some oses enforce this .. at 300 secs I seem 
to remember but I might be off.  Also take a look at the confTO_ICONNECT 
param .. this is usualy only for it your sendmail connects to another 

But on a side note .. mimedefang relies on milter .. and there is no 
function within milter called to tell filters that sendmail dropped a 
connection. As David pointed out only xxfi_connect will get called none 
of the others will get called in your situation. The abort might be 
called ( not looked at the source ) but I'm quite sure that your perl 
code will never get to know about it.  It might be nice that there were 
a perl function called if that were to happen .. I know that my servers 
are getting lots of probes .. and it would to know about them.
Michiel Brandenburg

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