[Mimedefang] Virus-scanning in calling sequence

Jim McCullars jim at info.uah.edu
Mon Oct 13 11:01:56 EDT 2008

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008, James Borland wrote:

> We have sendmail call relaydelay first and then mimedefang, which
> calls both uvscan, clamav/clamd. and SpamAssassin in addition to its
> own checks. The culprit was uvscan, which I reluctantly disabled in
> mimedefang.pl. Everything's fine now: the load averages dropped to
> well under 1, mqueue size is very manageable, and message delay times
> are measured in seconds or less.

   We experienced the same issue with uvscan and quit using it for the
same reason.  The problem is that there is no daemon, and the program has
to be loaded every time there is a message.  I switched to clamav/clamd
and haven't looked back.

Jim McCullars
University of Alabama in Huntsville

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