[Mimedefang] Clam 0.9.3+ Support

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Wed Oct 8 03:26:28 EDT 2008

Jeff Rife wrote:
> Looking at the code for "message_contains_virus_clamd" made me notice 
> that there was no way to enable more logging short of editing 
> mimedefang.pl.
> As a feature request, how about adding a "debug" parameter to 
> functions, or having a global variable that would increase the logging?
If I remember correctly mimedefang will remove all support for vendor 
specific virus scanning support and will instead rely on File-VirusScan 
(http://search.cpan.org/~doneill/File-VirusScan-0.100_02/).  This 
package would have to contain that debug flag.  I seem to remember a 
post about this some time back but not sure at the moment what the 
status is of this change to mimedefang.

Michiel Brandenburg

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