[Mimedefang] SMTP AUTH password can be used in Mimedefang?

sosogh sosogh at 126.com
Mon Nov 24 01:42:33 EST 2008

2008-11-24 03:46:55 Michiel Brandenburg wrote:

>PS: why would u want the password anyway ?

I want to set a transparent Anti-spam proxy server (using postfix and mimedefang) for the backend mail server

The backend mail server holds three service:SMTP service(serve for outband mails),MX service(serve for inband mails),POP3 service

It is useless to change the MX record ,pointing to Anti-spam proxy server.Because spammer will send spams to the backend mail server directly,not by the MX record. And also I cannot change the IP of backend mail server.And I donot want to deploy these three service in separate server

I will redirect the "SMTP connection whose destination is backend mail server" to the transparent Anti-spam proxy server,so the transparent Anti-spam proxy server must verify that:
1 vaild recipient users
2.vaild SMTP AUTH user and password

Mimedefang can verify vaild recipient users by function md_check_against_smtp_server 
If SMTP AUTH password is "available"in Mimedefang,the SMTP AUTH user and password can be verified easily in the similar way as md_check_against_smtp_server does

And if the backend mail server use some "available" databases ,such as MYSQL,LDAP.I can set postfix to
verify vaild recipient users and vaild SMTP AUTH user and password by using those "vailable" databases.But in some cases,the backend mail server will use its "own embedded database" or other databases that is not supported by postfix

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