[Mimedefang] Clamav/ExceededFileSize and Mimedefang

Christoph Martin martin at uni-mainz.de
Wed May 21 11:43:56 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Mimedefang should improve the handlich of clamav return messages.

Clamav has an option ArchiveBlockMax, which considers compressed files
or archives as virus if they exceed a certain message size. The default
for this option is at least for Debian true. So clamav signals such a
file eg. as "virus Zip.ExceededFileSize" and mimedefang rejects or drops
the file as virus. The clamav people argue that such a file "could" be a
mailbomb. Mimedefang should at least handle it differently than "normal"
viruses. These files are "normally" no viruses and should not be touched.

What do you think?


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