[Mimedefang] SURBL hits - blocking delivery

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Mon Jul 7 14:20:17 EDT 2008

A) I don't suggest using RBLs to block and certainly not SURBL "SURBLs 
differ from most other lists in that they're used to detect unsolicited 
messages based on message body URIs (usually web sites). Unlike most other 
lists, SURBLs are not meant to identify messages senders by their message 
headers or connection IP addresses. Instead they help identify messages by 
the sites mentioned in their message bodies."

B) MIMEDefang is usually the answer ;-)

C) From Mark Damrose:

I submitted a domain_is_blacklisted function, but I don't believe it
ever made it into a release.  You can get it here


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> In the past I've used GWAVA to block delivery of email that registers a 
> SURBL hit and I'm now trying to transition away from a canned solution to 
> an opensource alternative.  I have built a sendmail miltered system using 
> smf-sav, mimedefang, milter-greylist, clamav-milter, and spamass(3.2.5) 
> (mail passes in that order).  From what I'm reading spamass does not block 
> email, however, I need to duplicate the action I've used previously: that 
> of preventing the delivery of email that registers an SURBL hit.  From the 
> milters listed above, I suspect the one most likely to achieve this is 
> mimedefang.  Anyone have an idea of how I can get started on this?  I'm 
> trying to locate some ideas, or reading material, that clearly describes 
> how to configure mimedefang to use SA to determine if a message body 
> includes URIs on SURBL list and deny delivery of such messages...
> Or, heck, is there an easier way?
> andrew
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