[Mimedefang] SURBL hits - blocking delivery

ajewilkinson at charter.net ajewilkinson at charter.net
Mon Jul 7 13:53:07 EDT 2008

In the past I've used GWAVA to block delivery of email that registers a SURBL hit and I'm now trying to transition away from a canned solution to an opensource alternative.  I have built a sendmail miltered system using smf-sav, mimedefang, milter-greylist, clamav-milter, and spamass(3.2.5) (mail passes in that order).  From what I'm reading spamass does not block email, however, I need to duplicate the action I've used previously: that of preventing the delivery of email that registers an SURBL hit.  From the milters listed above, I suspect the one most likely to achieve this is mimedefang.  Anyone have an idea of how I can get started on this?  I'm trying to locate some ideas, or reading material, that clearly describes how to configure mimedefang to use SA to determine if a message body includes URIs on SURBL list and deny delivery of such messages...

Or, heck, is there an easier way?


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